About Okayest Dad

this be us. be nice.

This is where we do awkward introductions, right? Good. Those are my favorite.

Hi, my name is Jay. The woman to my right (your left) is a stranger who wanted to throw gang signs in a picture. I made her aware that I wasn’t famous (yet) but she was insistent. She’s also my wife, Mallory, and none of that other stuff is true. Except that she’s insistent. And likes to throw gang signs sometimes. She’s also the mother of our baby-to-be, currently born and hanging-out-with-us baby or grown adult son (depending on how late you are to the party) who exceeds even our wildest dream expectations for him as a real life Bruce Wayne / Batman.

I started this blog because everybody starts a blog. And because I like to write. Mallory seems to think that I’ll be able to chronicle our adventures into parenthood with equal parts comedy and awesomenesssaucerex that they deserve. I agree with her.

As a team we are pretty awesome at everything. And humble. As a me, I’m pretty okay at everything from vidya game pew-pews to grocery shopping and now Dad stuff. Mallory and I also co-host the insanely, wild, over-exaggeratedly popular Oh By The Ways Podcast.

The rest of the adventure begins here and we look forward to sharing it with you. Trust me when I say; no holds barred, completely unscripted (always scripted) and completely undignified is how we do business here…Welcome to The Okayest Dad and Family.